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Sunday, September 01, 2013

How To Know You're At A Twentysomething Dinner Party

After hosting a dinner party for some friends, I noticed traits of my twentysomething guests that differentiated our dinner parties from those of our parents. 

1. It's not our house.

- Yes okay, sometimes it's someone's house, but usually it'll be an apartment occupied by 2 or more people (so who's apartment is it really?). Last night it was at my parents house because I was asked to house sit. In my mind house sit = free BBQ venue. 

2. Multi-Media Table Topics.

- Our table topics somehow started off on a less-than-adult path. It began with micro penis' and developed into watching a video of a woman pushing gummy worms out her butt. We talked about it, Googled it, watched video's of it, listened to sound effects etc. Multi-media table topics - are they the next generation of dinner party conversations? Should people be sure to have an iPad, computer and their smart phone charged and ready when hosting a dinner party?

3. Mutual Fears.

- It was a beautiful night but we quickly realized we aren't very 'nature' orientated. From spider webs that grossed us out to wasps that just wouldn't die (although no one was really stepping up to try kill them). Turns out twentysomething's tend to have mutual fears. We can all respect a bumble bee, but wasps must be tracked down and murdered. Eventually we found a fly swatter (who owns these?!), which we all took our turn at, to no avail. In the morning I saw the corpses of the common enemy strewn across my parents patio...

4. Who's cooking?

- We knew we had to get 'food' that could be cooked on a BBQ. When it comes to cliches, twentysomethings nail it on the head. We found ourselves with an over-flowing plate of wieners (and two chicken breasts) not to mention someone brought a rotisserie chicken (pre-cooked genius). But after the low maintenance chips and dip were consumed, it begged the question - 'Who's Cooking?!' Luckily we had a chef in our midst who took control of the BBQ but it was touch and go there for a minute. In our parents generation - if you host, you cook. In our generation - if you're social enough to host a get together, you probably don't have time to hone your cooking skills (me). 

5. Music is always on.

- From the time people arrive to the time people leave (and beyond...) the music stays on. I always remembered my parents dinner parties - the music would turn on after they consumed a little too much liquor. Until they were drunk - laughter would be the soundtrack of the evening. Unfortunately white-noise doesn't go over well with twentysomethings. Music gives us the ability, if needed, to fall back on when there's a lull in conversation. A couple notable go-to phrases "I hate this song" or "I love this song". Aren't we clever? 

6. Smile - you're on candid camera.

- If you have a bad side, be sure to sit/stand/talk on your good side because photos and videos are being taken and uploaded online. It starts innocently with a selfie of you and your friend (cute) but it quickly turns into documenting every single moment when you're having fun (which lezbi honest - doesn't bode well for the 'looks' department). Fun for my friends is when you're mid-conversation, mouth open, double-chinning it. But out of the 100's of toothless photos (which apparently make you look young...) there are some diamonds in the rough and you'll be thankful someone took them! The others are flagged and reported for abuse (sorry guys). 

7. Over-Night Bags.

- When it comes to a location that we plan to drink at for the majority of the evening, you don't bring a DD, you bring an ONB (Over-Night Bag). We all thought sleepovers ended when we were in grade school but the fact remains - when someone throws a 'dinner party', you best be bringing a toothbrush and a fresh pair of undies. Taxi's are pricey for our meagre twentysomething budget and DD's can make you leave early. An over-night bag doesn't charge you a fortune or tell you when it's bedtime. Hosts - be ready to lend out pillows and blankets.  

8. Get Up Early.

- Twentysomething's hate getting up early - everyone knows this. And yet after a night of drinking, we're all up at 6am running around; cleaning, rushing to be somewhere etc. I don't know if we were still drunk, but by 11am we've all fallen silent, closed our blinds, and taken a nap. 

I don't want to be a traitor to my generation, or my age range, but those twentysomething dinner party traits differentiate us from ones we remember our parents having. But who knows - maybe the reason our parents were laughing all night is because they found micro-penis' in an encyclopedia?!

For photos/videos from the BBQ, check out my peeps:


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