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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

PPW (Price Per Wear)

Have you ever asked yourself "Would I ever wear that again"? You're not alone...

With another season quickly approaching there's an urge to renew our wardrobe. I've wasted countless amounts of money on items I'll never wear again, that was until my friend, a fashion blogger, taught me how to determine the value of independent pieces by using PPW (Price Per Wear). 
It all started with a pair of Converse. I learned how to weigh the risk and reward by a simple math equation (finally math comes in handy). 

If you've ever asked yourself "would I wear it again?" you need to know about PPW (Price Per Wear). 

For example: A $50 pair of Converse you know you'd wear at least 10 times have a $5PPW. This means, for the amount of times you plan to wear them, they are costing you $5/wear - any 'wears' thereafter are pure profit! 

PPW: COST divided by # of Wears = $/Wear

Converse: $50 divided by 10 wears = $5PPW.

PPW has helped me see the value in basics and bigger ticket items

A pair of pants that I'll wear for 2 years, 3x/week, is a steal for $400. 

A Large Prada Tote (dream bag) retails for $2350. How often would I plan to use this bag? EVERYDAY for at least a year. 

$2350 divided by 365 days = $6PPW

What about a dress for a theme party? 

If a dress costs $400, and you know you'll never wear it again, the PPW is $400 (that's high). 
WARNING: This is when you re-evalute your wardrobe
TIP: Buy something that can revitalize a pre-existing outfit and be used again in the future. 
For example: Pair an old dress with a cropped blazer or necklace. A blazer with a $10PPW is far more enticing than a dress with a $400PPW. 

That being said, PPW should not be used in the following cases:

- A wedding dress
- The pants you bought two sizes too small in hopes of fitting into them
- A hat (hats are tricky - you never know...)

Stay tuned for my collaboration with Collection Eight on 'Fall Basics on a Budget'. 


  1. I bought a pair of dark wash Rag and Bone jeans last year for like $225. I have worn them at least twice a week and they have barely faded at all (and I wash them every week because I'm a bad denim lover). The knees are a bit faded (from knee-high boots!) but they are still very presentable.

    2 * 52 = 104
    225/104 = $2.16 per wear!

    Also, thanks for justifying my purchase of the Rag & Bone x Hunter rain boots - the cost per wear is a steal in Vancouver!

    1. Haha glad I could help you justify your purchases - they seem extremely valid! PPW has really helped me realize what's worthy of purchasing! Can't wait to see the Rag and Bone x Hunters collab!

      Elizabeth | The Undomesticated


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