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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside SNL Parody Lyrics by Jimmy Fallon and Cecily Strong

The Baby It's Cold Outside Parody by Jimmy Fallon and Cecily Strong really struck a cord with modern dating. It tackles the push and pull between lust and love, and what happens after you decide it is too cold to go home that night. This song gives us singletons a reassuring feeling that we are all 'nervous' when it comes opening your heart... 

I listened carefully and wrote the lyrics below! Enjoy. 

Baby It's Cold Outside Parody

By: Jimmy Fallon and Cecily Strong

I really can’t stay

But baby it’s cold outside 
I’ve got to go away
But baby it’s cold outside 
This evening has been 
Been hoping that you’d drop in 
So very nice 

I’ll hold your hands their just like ice 

My mother will start to worry 
Beautiful what’s your hurry? 
My father will be pacing the floor 
Listen to the fire place roar 
I really can’t stay 
Baby don’t go out 
Oh but it’s cold outside 

Twelve Minutes Later...

So should I call you a cab? 

But baby it’s cold outside 
You know it’s really not bad 
You said it was cold outside 
You can still catch the bus 
I’ll make breakfast for us... 
It’s a few blocks away 
Tomorrow we’ll hang out all day

I have an early thing tomorrow 
Got a toothbrush I can borrow? 
I have a meeting at my work 
At last a guy who isn’t a jerk 
You really can’t stay 
It’s starting to storm out 
But baby it’s warm outside 

Are we still on for next weekend? 

I have no idea what you’re talking about 
You said you take me antique-ing 
I have no idea what you’re talking about 
You said it when you 
Bought me those drinks 
Baby I said a lot of things 

Do you really think I could act 

Can’t believe I said that 
You know this isn’t my coat 
Can you take the trash when you go? 
We should stay up late 
She’s not getting it 
But baby it’s warm/cold outside 


Hey man you want to hang out? 
Oh Of course the important meeting 
What are you talking about? 
The meeting got pushed even earlier? 
Oh are you with a girl? 
Yes that’s correct 
Then I’ll leave you alone 
Okay boss I’ll see you in the morn 

Do you mind if I sleep in this? 

This is getting too serious… 
You know I’m just as nervous as you… But who knows what this could turn into 
I don’t know what to do 
Here’s a clue 
Baby it’s cold outside.

Watch it now:

Canadian? Click here

- georgeelizabeth
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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Textual Chemistry

If I have to say it, I will (borrowing a quote from an ex-something) please stop Tindering and thinking it's dating.

In fact - if there is one thing I've learned from inflicting my dating 'lifestyle' on my friends, it's this: less talk, more action. 

I'm sure you've found yourself say "But we got along so well in texts but when we met - nothing...". 

From eHarmony to OKCupid to Tinder, I find the more I talk, the more an image of my dream man forms, despite what's in his profile. 

I remember going to see an apartment for rent in the centre of downtown Vancouver. It was a bachelor suite for only $800/month. I looked at all the photos, reviewed it's central location, even analyzed the square footage and I thought to myself "This is it - this is my dream apartment, nothing can deter me!". I came with my first months rent in hand, and then it happened. All that textual chemistry did not prepare me for the nothingness I felt when I actually visited. The exterior exposed massive cracks, not to mention the crackheads that were walking nearby. The hallways smelt of smoke (I never thought I'd need a non-smoking apartment), and the actual suite looked like it barely survived an earthquake.  My chemistry was well thought-out, but it wasn't real.

The same can be said for dating. The longer you chat over text, the more disappointed you'll be in person. This doesn't mean they're bad people, but they will never be who you think they are... because who you think they are, doesn't exist

I'm not saying don't have expectations, but keep your expectations firmly grounded in reality. If he says he's a bartender that likes to play video games - don't assume he's dressed in a bowtie at the Fairmont and plays video games ironically. Same can be said for my apartment. If it's $800/month, I shouldn't have assumed it was because people in this city don't like 1920's character buildings. Be real.

Online dating puts it all out front. What would normally take 2-3 dates to learn about someone, they give you upon sign up.  They do this to turn an awkward online meetup into first date material. Don't use this material as a launching off point for a week of texting and emails - use it to get their number and set up a date.

Textual chemistry is great, but sexual chemistry is even better. Take some chances, get out from behind your computer and phone screens, and meet real people. Who knows,  you may actually find someone you have real chemistry with, no texting required.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Just Met Just Married

You're out with some friends on a Friday night and you see a guy that catches your eye. As the night goes on you strike up a conversation with him. Your friends are ready to leave so you exchange numbers. He touches your hand and you feel a spark. The next day you exchange a few texts and a future is forming in your head. There's no way to stop it. You've just met and you're already married.

I feel as though our imaginations don't disappear with age, they transform. Instead of playing house with dolls, we are playing house with new matches. We don't even need a first date to begin building the life we'll share with our new Ken doll.

Our brain after meeting a someone new:

9:00am: Dum Dum De Dum, Dum Dum De Dum... Wedding bells.
10:00am: We will be in a relationship after 2 months of dating. He's 'good on paper' and cute as hell.
11:00am: We get married. His parents don't live here so maybe we will have two ceremonies.
12:30pm: He will find out that I really don't want children... 
1:00pm:  My cold exterior will drive him into the arms of another woman. What an asshole. 
2:00pm: We get divorced and I'm left exactly where I started except with a different title; divorcee. I've gone through the heartbreak in my head. The crush is over before the first date...

I may be an extreme case but we all do it. We tell ourselves not to 'over analyze' but the wedding bells are going off in our heads. 

How can we stop this viscous cycle? 

5 Questions & Tips after meeting someone for the first time:

1. Do you feel something you'd like to explore? 

TIP: Explore.

2. Do you have mismatched traits? 

TIP: Don't get bogged down in details. I try not to Google or Facebook guys so I don't end up overanalyzing.  Focus on traits that spark your curiosity, at least for now. 

3. Do you see a future with this guy? 

TIP: Be present. You can't have a future with someone without focusing on the 'present'. 

4. Do you feel like you're playing games?

TIP: We all love the thrill of the chase, but do what feels natural.  If you don't act natural, your 'relationship' won't be either.

5. Do you really like him?

TIP: Don't be scared to have your heart broken, and not just in your head. 

This is to all of you hopeless romantics - Keep playing house, but don't let your imagination become your reality.


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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Curse Of The Shaved Legs

With Halloween around the corner, I think it’s only fitting to talk about curses, starting with one of mine that just reared it’s ugly head.

Anytime I shave my legs, the reason for doing so will evaporate into thin air. It’s as if the universe senses I’m preparing for a ‘good time’ and is playing a cruel joke on me. Long story short – Shaved legs = No action.

Whether it's for a party or a pre-planned date, the moment the razor touches my legs, the entire day falls apart. The party guests are all couples, the only single guy shows ZERO interest, my date will fall suddenly ill (most recently) or decide never to speak to me again…

Tuesday morning I actually considered the curse, but shaved my legs anyway… and no more than 4 hours later, he’s deathly ill (man cold no doubt). Looks like I’ll be feeling up these bad boys myself, someone should.

All my future hookups need to know that if my legs are hairy it’s out of lust or love for them, not because I’m a lazy granola, but because I’m a desperately single 24 year old who can’t risk shaving my legs before an important evening with the opposite sex for fear that you will die or disappear.

This curse does comes with an upside: I have been known to consciously shave my legs to ensure I don't hookup with anyone I'll regret. And guess what - it works. 

This brings me to another dating curse: The moment I stop dating someone they somehow meet the person they marry. From a two-week fling to a 3 month escapade, they end up with their long term girlfriends, NAY, their wives. This has happened on 5 occasions. 2 of which are now married. I’m like the 'Good Luck Chuck' for men. Fella’s – if you are tired of dating around, date me. Sure you’ll have to put up with unshaven legs, but trust me, if my curses keep playing out this way, you’ll meet a smooth legged beauty in no time… as for me? I’ll be okay. I have my curses that keep me warm at night.

It's all just a bunch of hocus pocus...


Wednesday, October 09, 2013

In Case Of Emergency

Last night my apartment's fire alarm went off. I woke up (it was about 12:30am) from a deep sleep. I was a little disorientated but I pulled my sh*t together pretty quickly. 

I've always been prepared for emergencies. I have insurance for my apartment, boxes of photographs, and an external harddrive ready to go (which reminds me, I should probably back-up), but when the alarm was going off, and the smoke was filling the hallway, all I took was Chandler and my phone. I didn't even put on a bra, but I think subconsciously that was because of the firemen downstairs. Nothing happened, but I did let my black silk robe slip enough to expose some of my flat chest.

I kept looking up at my apartment windows from the street below hoping everything would be okay, but for all that time I spent preparing for 'emergencies', it wasn't what I expected. My mind was clear. I was okay, Chandler's okay, and I have my phone. 

In the movie 'Up In The Air', George Clooney (swoon) gives a presentation about fitting your responsibilities into a backpack that you're able carry. What, or who, would you put in the backback first? Your dog, your family, your close friends, your house, your car... it becomes too heavy of a burden for you and you have to let some things go - emotionally speaking.

Outside my apartment last night I let it all go. I picked up what was important to me, and what I was able to carry, both physically and emotionally. Not only that, but at 1:00am there wasn't anyone I could call, which seemed to calm me down even more. I had no one else to worry about besides myself and Chandler. The only thing that disappointed me was my outfit - old pj pants, Uggs, and a short black silk robe that one might find in Quagmire's closet... I think I need to set aside a better 'In Case Of Emergency' outfit for next time (maybe some accessories too...)

On a total sidenote - I noticed there were a lot of single blonde girls with dogs in my building between the ages of 24-36. One of them looked far better than me considering she allegedly also 'just woke up'. In the game of life, she'd get the fireman. I can't let that happen next time... 

And finally, to the pot smoker who left a joint burning and catching fire to the rest of your stash, thanks for the wake up call, but no thanks for the 2:00am munchies our entire building experienced. 


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Travel Prep + Giveaway

Regardless of if I go away for one day, or an entire year, it still requires the same amount of travel prep. I find myself getting overwhelmed with basic tasks that were clearly deemed not worthy enough to do for my daily life, but for a foreign city? They're priorities!

1. Wa
I'm a fan of visiting Brazil once every 6 weeks... Bikini waxes are a quint essential travel task for me. I find that shaving grows back too quickly and it can make walking/flying/exploring uncomfortable. 
Where: Stripped Wax Bar. For only $38 you can get a brazilian. Manscaping is also available for those men out there...
TIP: Go 2-3 days before traveling to ensure any discomfort/bumps have died down! 

2. Mani/Pedi

I'm someone who does mani/pedi's at home to relax, but when it comes to traveling I'd like my hands and feet to be fresh-to-death. Who knows if the pool boy wants to give me a foot massage?
Where: I can recommend Fingers and Toes, Posy, and Element Nail Spa.
TIP: Get shellac! Shellac ensures your nail polish won't chip while abroad.

3. Laundry
It's hard to do laundry before you travel because you still need to wear clothes. I've found a way around this. I wear the ugliest and oldest clothes prior to travel so I can pack all my "good stuff".
Where: My parents place... 
TIP: Some items need to be 'hang-dried' so be sure to wash those 2-3 days before traveling/packing. 

4. Suitcase
I usually have my suitcase laying out on my floor for a week prior to leaving. I use it as a constant reminder it needs to be filled and that there's only one. 
Where: Your apartment floor...
TIP: As you think of items to pack, put them in your suitcase. This will make packing a breeze!

5. Mini Everything

Clearly my face wash, shampoo and shaving cream are NOT going to fit in my suitcase, so I buy mini-things to pack. Mini refillable bottles, mini toothbrush, mini hairspray etc.
Where: Dollarama and Walmart
TIP: Don't leave your mini-things behind. They can be reused for your next trip!

6. Supplement

Remember that pair of pants that won't stay up? Or that shirt that needs a strapless bra? Before I travel, I find the gaps in my closet. From belts to bras, I begin shopping around to supplement. I don't want to go on a shopping spree (that's why I'm traveling), just the basics.
Where: Depends on what you need!
TIP: Don't go overboard. Just because your low-cut shirt would look good with a necklace, doesn't mean you have to buy it before you go! It's a nice-to-have, not a need-to-have.

7. Eyebrows
Day-to-day I enjoy plucking the strays, but when it comes to a trip, I like to reevaluate the shape and colour of my eyebrows. 
Where: Blink Brow Bar Vancouver
TIP: Go at least a week before traveling. That way if your skin gets irritated, it has time to recover. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

- georegelizabeth
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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fall Basics on a Budget

'Fall Basics on a Budget' is a collaboration with the talented and stylish Ana Snow of Collection Eight. I wanted to learn how to transition my wardrobe from summer to stylish - without spending a fortune. 

"The key to an affordable, stylish fall wardrobe is all about choosing great pieces that go with everything! I've summed up the season's must haves with my top picks that can all be paired with a tee and jeans for an updated look. The best part? Everything is interchangeable! XO" -  Ana Snow
1. The Minimalist Coat
Topshop Popper Front Boyfriend Coat - Seen here.

2. The Pointed Shoe
Zara Kitten Heel leather Vamp shoe - Seen here.

3. Shimmery Eyes
Urban Decay Naked 2 - Seen here.

4. The Top Handle Bag
Zara Mini Office City bag - Seen here.

5. The Statement Necklace
Zara Crystal Flower necklace - Seen here.

6. The Striped Tee
J.Crew Striped Cotton tee - Seen here.

7. The Dark Skinny
Topshop MOTO Baxter jeans in Indigo - Seen here.

8. The Biker Jacket
Zara Biker Jacket with zips - Seen here.

9. Hardware
Topshop Smooth Band rings - Seen here.

10. The New Bootie
Zara Neoprene High Heel ankle boot - Seen here.

11. The Vampy Lip
NARS lipstick in Scarlet Empress - Seen here.

12.The Leopard Accent
Zara Leopard Messenger Bag - Seen here.

Below are my personal Fall 2013 purchases.

1. H&M Coat with quilted sleeves: Seen here.

2. Vintage Fur Vest - Similar seen here.

3. H&M Black trench: No longer online.

4. Target Clear Bubble Umbrella - Seen here.

5. Black Milk Liquid Leggings - Seen here.

6. Forever 21 Quilted Knee Leggings - No longer online.

7. House of Holland Suspender Tights - Seen here.

8. Forever 21 Lucite Clutch - Seen here.

9. H&M Leather Imitation Quilted Skirt - Seen here.

10. Hibou Suede Bootie from Little Burgundy - No longer online.

11. H&M Black Tote (in Forest Green too) - Similar seen here.

12. Forever 21 Gold Toe flats - No longer online.

13. Hunter Original Tall Rain Boots in Dark Olive - Seen here.

- georegelizabeth
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Instagram: @georgeelizabeth

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

PPW (Price Per Wear)

Have you ever asked yourself "Would I ever wear that again"? You're not alone...

With another season quickly approaching there's an urge to renew our wardrobe. I've wasted countless amounts of money on items I'll never wear again, that was until my friend, a fashion blogger, taught me how to determine the value of independent pieces by using PPW (Price Per Wear). 
It all started with a pair of Converse. I learned how to weigh the risk and reward by a simple math equation (finally math comes in handy). 

If you've ever asked yourself "would I wear it again?" you need to know about PPW (Price Per Wear). 

For example: A $50 pair of Converse you know you'd wear at least 10 times have a $5PPW. This means, for the amount of times you plan to wear them, they are costing you $5/wear - any 'wears' thereafter are pure profit! 

PPW: COST divided by # of Wears = $/Wear

Converse: $50 divided by 10 wears = $5PPW.

PPW has helped me see the value in basics and bigger ticket items

A pair of pants that I'll wear for 2 years, 3x/week, is a steal for $400. 

A Large Prada Tote (dream bag) retails for $2350. How often would I plan to use this bag? EVERYDAY for at least a year. 

$2350 divided by 365 days = $6PPW

What about a dress for a theme party? 

If a dress costs $400, and you know you'll never wear it again, the PPW is $400 (that's high). 
WARNING: This is when you re-evalute your wardrobe
TIP: Buy something that can revitalize a pre-existing outfit and be used again in the future. 
For example: Pair an old dress with a cropped blazer or necklace. A blazer with a $10PPW is far more enticing than a dress with a $400PPW. 

That being said, PPW should not be used in the following cases:

- A wedding dress
- The pants you bought two sizes too small in hopes of fitting into them
- A hat (hats are tricky - you never know...)

Stay tuned for my collaboration with Collection Eight on 'Fall Basics on a Budget'. 

Sunday, September 01, 2013

How To Know You're At A Twentysomething Dinner Party

After hosting a dinner party for some friends, I noticed traits of my twentysomething guests that differentiated our dinner parties from those of our parents. 

1. It's not our house.

- Yes okay, sometimes it's someone's house, but usually it'll be an apartment occupied by 2 or more people (so who's apartment is it really?). Last night it was at my parents house because I was asked to house sit. In my mind house sit = free BBQ venue. 

2. Multi-Media Table Topics.

- Our table topics somehow started off on a less-than-adult path. It began with micro penis' and developed into watching a video of a woman pushing gummy worms out her butt. We talked about it, Googled it, watched video's of it, listened to sound effects etc. Multi-media table topics - are they the next generation of dinner party conversations? Should people be sure to have an iPad, computer and their smart phone charged and ready when hosting a dinner party?

3. Mutual Fears.

- It was a beautiful night but we quickly realized we aren't very 'nature' orientated. From spider webs that grossed us out to wasps that just wouldn't die (although no one was really stepping up to try kill them). Turns out twentysomething's tend to have mutual fears. We can all respect a bumble bee, but wasps must be tracked down and murdered. Eventually we found a fly swatter (who owns these?!), which we all took our turn at, to no avail. In the morning I saw the corpses of the common enemy strewn across my parents patio...

4. Who's cooking?

- We knew we had to get 'food' that could be cooked on a BBQ. When it comes to cliches, twentysomethings nail it on the head. We found ourselves with an over-flowing plate of wieners (and two chicken breasts) not to mention someone brought a rotisserie chicken (pre-cooked genius). But after the low maintenance chips and dip were consumed, it begged the question - 'Who's Cooking?!' Luckily we had a chef in our midst who took control of the BBQ but it was touch and go there for a minute. In our parents generation - if you host, you cook. In our generation - if you're social enough to host a get together, you probably don't have time to hone your cooking skills (me). 

5. Music is always on.

- From the time people arrive to the time people leave (and beyond...) the music stays on. I always remembered my parents dinner parties - the music would turn on after they consumed a little too much liquor. Until they were drunk - laughter would be the soundtrack of the evening. Unfortunately white-noise doesn't go over well with twentysomethings. Music gives us the ability, if needed, to fall back on when there's a lull in conversation. A couple notable go-to phrases "I hate this song" or "I love this song". Aren't we clever? 

6. Smile - you're on candid camera.

- If you have a bad side, be sure to sit/stand/talk on your good side because photos and videos are being taken and uploaded online. It starts innocently with a selfie of you and your friend (cute) but it quickly turns into documenting every single moment when you're having fun (which lezbi honest - doesn't bode well for the 'looks' department). Fun for my friends is when you're mid-conversation, mouth open, double-chinning it. But out of the 100's of toothless photos (which apparently make you look young...) there are some diamonds in the rough and you'll be thankful someone took them! The others are flagged and reported for abuse (sorry guys). 

7. Over-Night Bags.

- When it comes to a location that we plan to drink at for the majority of the evening, you don't bring a DD, you bring an ONB (Over-Night Bag). We all thought sleepovers ended when we were in grade school but the fact remains - when someone throws a 'dinner party', you best be bringing a toothbrush and a fresh pair of undies. Taxi's are pricey for our meagre twentysomething budget and DD's can make you leave early. An over-night bag doesn't charge you a fortune or tell you when it's bedtime. Hosts - be ready to lend out pillows and blankets.  

8. Get Up Early.

- Twentysomething's hate getting up early - everyone knows this. And yet after a night of drinking, we're all up at 6am running around; cleaning, rushing to be somewhere etc. I don't know if we were still drunk, but by 11am we've all fallen silent, closed our blinds, and taken a nap. 

I don't want to be a traitor to my generation, or my age range, but those twentysomething dinner party traits differentiate us from ones we remember our parents having. But who knows - maybe the reason our parents were laughing all night is because they found micro-penis' in an encyclopedia?!

For photos/videos from the BBQ, check out my peeps:


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

An Interview with Miss America 2013

It was a gorgeous day - hats, dresses, bowties, champaign, music, photographers and to top it off - Miss America. 

I attended the Deighton Cup a few weeks ago. I was excited that to dress up and wear donne a hat (Hat Guide) but my motivation to attend was primarily meeting the infamous Miss America. As a Brit-turned-Canadian the pageant world was only exposed to me through movies like Miss Congeniality or TV shows like Toddlers in Tiaras

I've told my mum on many occasions that if we lived in America I would no-doubt have entered myself into the pageant world. Dressing up, representing a platform you're passionate about, getting to see the world, and above all, receiving a scholarship to persue your dreams. It sounds like what I try to achieve everyday as a twentysomething, except on a much larger scale; mirror selfies, being a good person, traveling as often as I can, and honouring my education by working hard. 

Miss America 2013, Mallory Hagan.
Photo by: Gabriel Morosan
When I initially looked up the winner of Miss America 2013 I was shocked. She was my age. At the age of 24 Mallory Hagan was crowned Miss America and was thrust into the spot light she had dreamed about for the majority of her life.  As her shortened reign comes to an end this September, I wanted to learn more about this fellow twentysomething... [more photos after the interview]

The Undomesticated Interview; Miss America 2013

Miss America being interviewed by myself, Elizabeth George.
Photo by: Gabriel Morosan
Me: What did it feel like to be crowned Miss America?
Mallory: Overwhelming. There were a lot of emotions that go over in your mind, but I hit the ground running and started touring America – there’s not a lot of time in that moment to think about it.

Me: How long have you wanted to be Miss America?
Mallory: I started entering pageants when I was 14 so I guess it's been an 11 year journey!

Me: The only exposure I've had to pageants is through popular shows like Toddler’s in Tiara’s. What is your opinion on starting that young and do you have any encouragement for girls aspiring to be Miss America?
Mallory: I would encourage young girls that want to go into pageantry to wait until they are older. Also to join an organization like Miss American because they are scholarship based. As far as doing anything you want to do, anything is possible. My parents were very supportive and when I was young I chose to do dance and theatre and all of that lead to me being able to pursue becoming Miss America.

Me: Being twentysomething, we are often changing our minds and trying to figure out what we want to do. I read that you want to get into cosmetic marketing - is this still the case? 
Mallory: Miss America changed that course – you never know what you want to do [at this age] and Miss America showed me that I might be better suited for a career in broadcast journalism. 

Me: Have you ever lived on your own?
Mallory: I've never lived by myself, but I've lived on my own since I was 18 (paid all my own bills) – In New York it’s hard to live by yourself, one bedroom/studio is $1500/$1600 so I’ve always had roommates.

Me: Do you have any tips for twentysomething's living alone?
Mallory: Be good at money management – It's very important to save your money. Living in New York poses a whole different slew of problems than living somewhere else does but being responsible with your money is always important. You learn to be more responsible. I moved to New York when I was 19 with $1000 in my pocket, I had no idea what I was going to do, but I learned to roll with the punches and do it yourself because you are by yourself.

Me: What made you take the plunge and move into a big city?
Mallory: I'm from Alabama – I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life but I figured if there was any moment to do it, it was now. I picked up and moved before I couldn’t.

Me: Now for the Undomesticated details - Do you know how to cook?
Mallory: There are a few things -  I mean I am Southern. I can make a good casserole but that just means I can put a bunch of things in a dish. I can make a mean meatloaf and I’m really good at grilling chicken and salmon and any vegetables – all the healthy things – I had to learn to do this to prepare for Miss America. 
Me: I'm still on the 'can of tuna' phase...
Mallory: Haha oh yeah!

Me: I read that you got your body ready for Miss America by doing Crossfit?
Mallory: I didn’t – I did go to the classes in order to do Crossfit but I never went. I worked with multiple trainers for Miss America but it [Crossfit rumour] just caught like wildfire. You got the truth here – not Crossfit!

Me: If not Crossfit, what is your exercise of choice?
Mallory: I’m really into cycling [classes], with the music - it's a great workout! You also can’t leave, you’d be really embarrassed. Normally if I do cardio on my own, I'd be like 'meh' I lasted a minute, but in a class, you can’t go anywhere - it's 45 minutes whether you want to or not.

Me: Do you have any immediate plans once your reign is over?

Mallory: Well, I have a meeting in LA with an agency and I will be finishing off my degree. I go back to school in January and I'll see what an agent can stir up!
Me: How much longer do you have?
Mallory: Done September 15th, so a month, 33 days... but who's counting?! Haha

Me: Final question, and I just have to know. What is your must-have food?
Mallory: It would have to be disco fries. French fries with gravy and cheddar cheese on top.
Me: Oh, so similar to Canadian Poutine?
Mallory: I haven’t heard about poutine but in the Meat District in New York City at midnight it’s disco fries!

It was great to meet with Mallory Hagan, Miss America 2013, especially with the amazing backdrop of The Deighton Cup.
She's an inspiration to many twentysomething's and also a confirmation, that even though we feel lost sometimes, we aren't alone! 

Miss America 2013, Mallory Hagan, and her mother at The Deighton Cup.
Photo by: Gabriel Morosan
Miss America 2013, Mallory Hagan, and the winner of 'Best Dressed' watching the races.
Photo by: Gabriel Morosan
Miss America 2013, Mallory Hagan, and I at The Deighton Cup.
Photo by: Gabriel Morosan
Miss America 2013, Mallory Hagan, hoisting up the Deighton Cup.
Photo by: Gabriel Morosan


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