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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Travel Prep + Giveaway

Regardless of if I go away for one day, or an entire year, it still requires the same amount of travel prep. I find myself getting overwhelmed with basic tasks that were clearly deemed not worthy enough to do for my daily life, but for a foreign city? They're priorities!

1. Wa
I'm a fan of visiting Brazil once every 6 weeks... Bikini waxes are a quint essential travel task for me. I find that shaving grows back too quickly and it can make walking/flying/exploring uncomfortable. 
Where: Stripped Wax Bar. For only $38 you can get a brazilian. Manscaping is also available for those men out there...
TIP: Go 2-3 days before traveling to ensure any discomfort/bumps have died down! 

2. Mani/Pedi

I'm someone who does mani/pedi's at home to relax, but when it comes to traveling I'd like my hands and feet to be fresh-to-death. Who knows if the pool boy wants to give me a foot massage?
Where: I can recommend Fingers and Toes, Posy, and Element Nail Spa.
TIP: Get shellac! Shellac ensures your nail polish won't chip while abroad.

3. Laundry
It's hard to do laundry before you travel because you still need to wear clothes. I've found a way around this. I wear the ugliest and oldest clothes prior to travel so I can pack all my "good stuff".
Where: My parents place... 
TIP: Some items need to be 'hang-dried' so be sure to wash those 2-3 days before traveling/packing. 

4. Suitcase
I usually have my suitcase laying out on my floor for a week prior to leaving. I use it as a constant reminder it needs to be filled and that there's only one. 
Where: Your apartment floor...
TIP: As you think of items to pack, put them in your suitcase. This will make packing a breeze!

5. Mini Everything

Clearly my face wash, shampoo and shaving cream are NOT going to fit in my suitcase, so I buy mini-things to pack. Mini refillable bottles, mini toothbrush, mini hairspray etc.
Where: Dollarama and Walmart
TIP: Don't leave your mini-things behind. They can be reused for your next trip!

6. Supplement

Remember that pair of pants that won't stay up? Or that shirt that needs a strapless bra? Before I travel, I find the gaps in my closet. From belts to bras, I begin shopping around to supplement. I don't want to go on a shopping spree (that's why I'm traveling), just the basics.
Where: Depends on what you need!
TIP: Don't go overboard. Just because your low-cut shirt would look good with a necklace, doesn't mean you have to buy it before you go! It's a nice-to-have, not a need-to-have.

7. Eyebrows
Day-to-day I enjoy plucking the strays, but when it comes to a trip, I like to reevaluate the shape and colour of my eyebrows. 
Where: Blink Brow Bar Vancouver
TIP: Go at least a week before traveling. That way if your skin gets irritated, it has time to recover. 

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  1. For travel, I make sure to plan an outfit for every day and event (with as many interchangeable pieces as possible to maximize packing space), and make sure to accessorize appropriately!

    1. Great travel tips! Definitely what I aim to do too... I always seem to get caught up in the 'what if' outfits though. "What if we go to a really fancy restaurant?" "What if we decide to go for a hike?" - All very highly unlikely...


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