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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

An Interview with Miss America 2013

It was a gorgeous day - hats, dresses, bowties, champaign, music, photographers and to top it off - Miss America. 

I attended the Deighton Cup a few weeks ago. I was excited that to dress up and wear donne a hat (Hat Guide) but my motivation to attend was primarily meeting the infamous Miss America. As a Brit-turned-Canadian the pageant world was only exposed to me through movies like Miss Congeniality or TV shows like Toddlers in Tiaras

I've told my mum on many occasions that if we lived in America I would no-doubt have entered myself into the pageant world. Dressing up, representing a platform you're passionate about, getting to see the world, and above all, receiving a scholarship to persue your dreams. It sounds like what I try to achieve everyday as a twentysomething, except on a much larger scale; mirror selfies, being a good person, traveling as often as I can, and honouring my education by working hard. 

Miss America 2013, Mallory Hagan.
Photo by: Gabriel Morosan
When I initially looked up the winner of Miss America 2013 I was shocked. She was my age. At the age of 24 Mallory Hagan was crowned Miss America and was thrust into the spot light she had dreamed about for the majority of her life.  As her shortened reign comes to an end this September, I wanted to learn more about this fellow twentysomething... [more photos after the interview]

The Undomesticated Interview; Miss America 2013

Miss America being interviewed by myself, Elizabeth George.
Photo by: Gabriel Morosan
Me: What did it feel like to be crowned Miss America?
Mallory: Overwhelming. There were a lot of emotions that go over in your mind, but I hit the ground running and started touring America – there’s not a lot of time in that moment to think about it.

Me: How long have you wanted to be Miss America?
Mallory: I started entering pageants when I was 14 so I guess it's been an 11 year journey!

Me: The only exposure I've had to pageants is through popular shows like Toddler’s in Tiara’s. What is your opinion on starting that young and do you have any encouragement for girls aspiring to be Miss America?
Mallory: I would encourage young girls that want to go into pageantry to wait until they are older. Also to join an organization like Miss American because they are scholarship based. As far as doing anything you want to do, anything is possible. My parents were very supportive and when I was young I chose to do dance and theatre and all of that lead to me being able to pursue becoming Miss America.

Me: Being twentysomething, we are often changing our minds and trying to figure out what we want to do. I read that you want to get into cosmetic marketing - is this still the case? 
Mallory: Miss America changed that course – you never know what you want to do [at this age] and Miss America showed me that I might be better suited for a career in broadcast journalism. 

Me: Have you ever lived on your own?
Mallory: I've never lived by myself, but I've lived on my own since I was 18 (paid all my own bills) – In New York it’s hard to live by yourself, one bedroom/studio is $1500/$1600 so I’ve always had roommates.

Me: Do you have any tips for twentysomething's living alone?
Mallory: Be good at money management – It's very important to save your money. Living in New York poses a whole different slew of problems than living somewhere else does but being responsible with your money is always important. You learn to be more responsible. I moved to New York when I was 19 with $1000 in my pocket, I had no idea what I was going to do, but I learned to roll with the punches and do it yourself because you are by yourself.

Me: What made you take the plunge and move into a big city?
Mallory: I'm from Alabama – I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life but I figured if there was any moment to do it, it was now. I picked up and moved before I couldn’t.

Me: Now for the Undomesticated details - Do you know how to cook?
Mallory: There are a few things -  I mean I am Southern. I can make a good casserole but that just means I can put a bunch of things in a dish. I can make a mean meatloaf and I’m really good at grilling chicken and salmon and any vegetables – all the healthy things – I had to learn to do this to prepare for Miss America. 
Me: I'm still on the 'can of tuna' phase...
Mallory: Haha oh yeah!

Me: I read that you got your body ready for Miss America by doing Crossfit?
Mallory: I didn’t – I did go to the classes in order to do Crossfit but I never went. I worked with multiple trainers for Miss America but it [Crossfit rumour] just caught like wildfire. You got the truth here – not Crossfit!

Me: If not Crossfit, what is your exercise of choice?
Mallory: I’m really into cycling [classes], with the music - it's a great workout! You also can’t leave, you’d be really embarrassed. Normally if I do cardio on my own, I'd be like 'meh' I lasted a minute, but in a class, you can’t go anywhere - it's 45 minutes whether you want to or not.

Me: Do you have any immediate plans once your reign is over?

Mallory: Well, I have a meeting in LA with an agency and I will be finishing off my degree. I go back to school in January and I'll see what an agent can stir up!
Me: How much longer do you have?
Mallory: Done September 15th, so a month, 33 days... but who's counting?! Haha

Me: Final question, and I just have to know. What is your must-have food?
Mallory: It would have to be disco fries. French fries with gravy and cheddar cheese on top.
Me: Oh, so similar to Canadian Poutine?
Mallory: I haven’t heard about poutine but in the Meat District in New York City at midnight it’s disco fries!

It was great to meet with Mallory Hagan, Miss America 2013, especially with the amazing backdrop of The Deighton Cup.
She's an inspiration to many twentysomething's and also a confirmation, that even though we feel lost sometimes, we aren't alone! 

Miss America 2013, Mallory Hagan, and her mother at The Deighton Cup.
Photo by: Gabriel Morosan
Miss America 2013, Mallory Hagan, and the winner of 'Best Dressed' watching the races.
Photo by: Gabriel Morosan
Miss America 2013, Mallory Hagan, and I at The Deighton Cup.
Photo by: Gabriel Morosan
Miss America 2013, Mallory Hagan, hoisting up the Deighton Cup.
Photo by: Gabriel Morosan


  1. Great post! I love your blog, such good insight about many different topics :) Happy to find another Vancouver blogger!

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    1. Thanks so much - I'm glad you like it! It is nice to have another local blogger - I wish there was a way for us all to get together!



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