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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lent - Day 2

I amazingly survived Day 1 of Lent…

The lovely Leonie from The Signature Bow invited me to Rebecca Bree', a beautiful boutique on West 4th, for a Laura Mercier make-up event.

Everything was 25% off (sigh...), they had amazing popcorn and cookies by Love Sugar, and I had the pleasure of meeting the designers of Party Skirts, Lauren & Mariel Armstrong. This event was the true test of my will-power. I still indulged my senses, by trying on a Party Skirt (which I’ve been obsessed with for months), and I had my make-up done. The Party Skirt looked amazing, casual or dressy and I must have one in every colour, 
Post-Lent Ambition.
Leonie and I loved our look by the talented make-up artists at the Holt Renfrew Laura Mercier counter. I can't wait to stop by Holts for this indigo eyeliner once Lent is over!

 I know I will be frequenting Rebecca Bree’s boutique on a regular basis and making a checklist of the MUST HAVE’s. Rebecca even had these handy checklists prepared – she must have seen me coming a mile away! 
Let's hope everyday of Lent isn't this hard...

ttfn - Elizabeth

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