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Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Bachelor Years

To be a bachelor, or to not be a bachelor. That is the question…

WARNING: This is written on experiences, most men are simply lovely (just not the ones my close friends and I have had the pleasure of meeting…)

We have all started a sentence with an urban myth. They sound something like: “Well my friends, friend Stacy…” but here’s an urban myth turned reality.

What’s the best Valentines Day gift? A text message letting you know you are now single.

It got me to wondering about timing in relationships. As Sex and the City once wrote; men all have a taxi light. They could drive past you for years, but once their light turns on, the first person to wave their hand gets to jump right in…

Now I must say, many men, regardless of their maturity level, would respectfully dump 2 weeks before, or after, a day that requires you to declare your love, but in the off chance you hit a man during “The Bachelor Years”, you should prepare for this type of behavior.

Men, between the ages of 29-33, have to make a big decision. To be a bachelor, or to not be a bachelor…

They’ve reached a milestone. An age that tells them to start making some life decisions, and like a child “THEY DON’T WANT TOOOOOO!!”

I’ve had the ‘Bachelor Years’ experiences, both dating a guy going through them, and a guy that survived them…

So what do we do? Do we compromise and give them their space, or do we give them our number and tell them to call us once they’ve completed “The Bachelor Years”?

What's my response? I will still date men, any age, but during that time in their lives, I’m going to be a little more cautious. Girls have their ‘slutty years’ (19-23..36), and guys have their ‘bachelor years’. As long as we are aware of a person’s expectations, and can identify the ‘red flags’, I think we can ensure urban myths don’t become a rude reality, particularly one that ends with a text message break-up on the international day of love.

ttfn, Elizabeth

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