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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lent - Day 1

Lent started today (Ash Wednesday to Holy Thursday), a period of 6 weeks. Although it started as a Christian religious act, it has, in recent years, become mainstream and many are participating. People are hoping to re-learn personal restraint and will-power by giving up something they love!

I watched the movie “40 Days and 40 Nights” with the 00’s heartthrob Josh Hartnett and I have always thought Lent was about giving up sex. Since I don’t see much action, I thought I was on Lent for life.

But I am participating this year for the first time! 
I'm not giving up chocolate or alcohol or even swearing, but I am giving up shopping for clothes, home d├ęcor, make-up, & non-essential material items. This may be easy for most, but this is my passion, my hobby, and my weekend cardio, so it will be tough. 
I’m trying a new kind of ‘retail therapy'. If I see something I like, I will post it here. I will allow myself to swoon over it, nothing more.

Are you giving up anything for Lent? Keep me updated on your struggle. 
I can NOT be alone in this.

Here goes nothing… 

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