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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Do You Have An HHC? (High School Hallway Crush)

Image by Grainne Downey
In high school there was always that one person that could motivate you to be your best each day. They'd have you up at 6:00am curling your hair, wearing thongs, reapplying lipgloss, forcing on Dorina's (the original 1 inch zipper), all in the hopes of seeing them in the hallway. You weren't in the same grade, or even the same social groups, but you knew there was a chance you'd be in their presence, a presence that elevated your sense of self, elevated you to be your best. You initially thought you'd be your best for them, but in reality, it was something you wanted to do for yourself, they were just your motivation personified. 

I find myself, 10 years later, the only hallways being that of my apartment building, or office, and yet HHC's still exist. They could be friends of a friend, a neighbour, a colleague. You never know when they'll be around the corner, or at the next event, so you prepare. You want to look your best, feel your best, and be the most confident version of yourself that you can be.

That being said, are HHC's the right ones for us? Probably not
They're usually the bad boys, douche bags, forever bachelors. They're exciting cause they're risky! 

Would you hook up with them? Probably not.
Having their attention is enough to make your head spin. If they even speak to you, you fumble over your words. The idea of them is so intoxicating, reality would never come close. 

High School Hallway Crushes make getting up in the morning worth it. But as we grow older they, like us, have graduated the confined walls and strict schedules of high school hallways. They're everywhere, and that's what makes each day exciting! 

I moved into a new apartment recently and I couldn't help but wonder, will I find an HHC here? Will this person encourage me to upgrade the UGG's when I walk Chandler? Dab on some perfume before I take out the trash? Maybe... 

You should always put your best foot forward, and if doing it for yourself isn't reason enough, find an HHC to help you.


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