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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tinder Toss

A lower level has been added to the Totem of Chat circa HBO Girls...

Tinder Chat

Up until 11:00pm last night I was leading a productive life. I was writing a new post (about Dane Cook Days - out soon) and I was finishing my laundry.

At 11:00pm I got a text from my friend saying she got a date! I immediately replied with a text asking "WHO? WHAT? HOW?" and I haven't put my phone down since... (it's now 1:30am)

It turns out the source of her upcoming date is the new Tinder app. As we were talking, I downloaded the free app, synced it with my Facebook, and I've been playing what I like to call the 'Tinder Toss' ever since...

I'm obsessed, nay, addicted to this app. It finds your location and matches you with people in your area who also have Tinder. 
You can plan a coffee in an hour or a date in a week. You can see your mutual friends (from Facebook) and common interests (from Facebook) ALL without the hassle of having to create a long-winded profile. 

I found myself being a little superficial; looking at the photos and clicking X. After a few moments I found an even quicker way to say "NEXT" - The Tinder Toss. I discovered that you could simply swipe your finger across the screen to make their profile disappear. At the swipe of a finger I'm tossing away fine specimen of men (and the occasional woman) without a second thought. 

For every 30 guys, I'd pick approximately one. And within an hour I was up to 8 matches. You can see how this can get addicting. 

You can only see who "liked" you, if they "liked" you back, so there's no harm in "liking" that mega-babe, cause he won't know you picked him unless he picks you too.
If I may quote Shoshanna - "If you don't want to date me, that's fine, cause I only want to date people who want to date me, and that's called self respect."

I found myself with a collection of matches ranging from Channing Tatum 'look-a-likes' (so out of my league - or so I thought),  'forever bachelors' (typical) to short/stocky guys (swoon - my type). 

When I finally put down my phone (because my finger cramped up) I realized it was too late to 'Tinder Chat' with my matches, so instead I planned out a few initial questions: 
"Hey, what's up?" 
"Hey, how are you?"
Yeah, I think I'm covered... 

What did I look at in a profile?
1. Picture(s)
2. Age
3. Shared Interests
4. Mutual Friends
6. Tagline
Some good tagline's I've found are:
- swipe right to get smitten (swiping left is the Tinder Toss)
- Tinder surprise

Tinder has taken my phone obsession to a whole new level.

Good luck playing Tinder Toss; Vancouver is full of babes (babettes), bachelors (bachelorettes) and brainiacs.

ttfn, Elizabeth
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