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Thursday, April 18, 2013


This blog was created to make the mundane memorable, but I don’t know if this period of my life can be known as ‘memorable’.

Here is what I have accomplished over the last 3 weeks of being unemployed.

My sister very graciously offered me her Netflix information as daytime TV isn’t very good. After watching Live with Kelly and Michael, The Price Is Right, and 2 hours of People’s Court, noon hits, and there is nothing left to watch. Netflix has allowed me to fall asleep watching the same documentary 3 days in a row.
Harem Pants:
Cause this is all that fits me right now. Being unemployed leaves a lot of time for lunch dates (not with men, with friends) and pigging out on Ben & Jerry’s at 10:16am.

DIY Projects:
I tried the chicken recipe that's on the Hellman's commercial. You put mayo and bread crumbs on the chicken (I only had Breton crackers). My mum informed me I couldn't use my George Foreman Grill for this, so I used my oven for the FIRST time. 
I started bragging prematurely and sent pictures to friends that read: “Domesticated”. 
3 hours later I was forced to send new texts that read: “Food poisoning – still undomesticated.” 

Job Hunting:
My dad said job hunting is like a full time job, and he was right. I put in about 2 hours of solid work, and spend the rest of my day faffing around.
Where my answers are so long I forget what the question was.
Lent is over (I made it!) but unemployment followed shortly after. This has resulted in the following purchases:  Unemployment pants, unemployment bathing suits (in case the opportunity should arise that I can go to Mexico on a whim – single life restricts this notion), unemployment knuckle rings (just cause), unemployment tanning, unemployment waxing (because somehow I might get laid while I stay home every night), unemployment pizza, sushi, chicken wings, etc. You can see where this is going.

Except no really. I’m currently doing the ‘Squat Challenge’. All because of the saying “You can have a butt, but you have to earn an ass”.  I don’t know about you, but it took me a lot of sitting, laying motionless, and eating to earn this butt.
Plans to walk Chandler to magical places in the city (beyond a 3 block radius) have yet to happen…

Now? I’m going to take a nap… That's all.

ttfn, Elizabeth

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