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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What's a Champagne Birthday?

DEFINITION: A champagne birthday is a birthday in which you turn the age of the day you were born. 
For instance, 25 on the 25th. 
If this happens, you pop champagne (although you don't really need an excuse). I celebrated my champagne birthday with close friends in my tiny bachelor apartment where we spent the night drinking champagne, listening to "Ladies be Pre-Drinking", and playing Bingo (get your own customizable template at the end of the post)...

Get inspired for your next birthday bash.

Cake by: Love Sugar Cakes
Balloons by: The Balloon Studio
Bingo cards by: moi
Friends quotes by: moi

My favourite champagne with some thrift shop champagne glasses.
Keeping it classy with neon lights.
Everyone needs a smoke break now and then...
From memorable hook-ups to personality traits, this was a fun game.

BONUS: Bingo Card Template
TIP - Create a custom hashtag for your party so you can easily find pictures and tweets taken during the night. 

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  1. Never seen such a cake. Drinks are a must on any occasional parties. But arranging and planning done in the way you did is completely unique. Artificial flowers and bouquets looked real at my friend's birthday celebrated few days back. Loved the location of Venues in NYC booked and cuisines were absolutely mind blowing.

  2. islam is right about women



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