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Thursday, July 04, 2013

The Dinner Drawer

Let's decipher our drawers...

The Goody Drawer - usually a drawer in your nightstand reserved for 'sexual goodies'. They range from an erotic novel, to the Rabbit, even nipple clamps... if that's your thing.

The Sock Drawer - nothing super exciting happens here, but it's a reliable source of mismatch socks for those cold days.

And that brings us to 'The Dinner Drawer'...

I live in a tiny bachelor apartment in the heart of the city (although some have argued it's a little too 'West' to be 'Central', but we'll ignore the haters). My kitchen is in my living room, my living room is in my bedroom and my closet... well actually my apartment has 2 closets, one is a walk-in (clearly I have my priorities).

My kitchen has 5 cupboards, a fridge, a microwave, a dishwasher, a big waste of space called the oven (aka extra shoe storage) and 2 drawers. 

Look what's cooking...
With only 2 kitchen drawers you'd think they'd be full of knives, forks, ladles and those flipper thingies, but one of my two drawers is filled with something else. It is known as 'The Dinner Drawer'.

It's no surprise with a blog named 'The Undomesticated' that I can't cook. I'm known as the girl who put a banana in her freezer simply because 'my mum did it'. I'm also known as the girl who spent half a day Googling the side effects of mercury poisoning from eating too much canned tuna, but now I have a solution. One that can feed me at all hours of the day and it doesn't come out of a can. Welcome to my 'Dinner Drawer'.

My dinner drawer is crammed tight with takeout menu's from almost everywhere in the city. My drawer takes me from Italy, to China, to Japan, to Thailand, to wherever big sandwiches are made (America?) and all from the comfort, and capability, of my own home. 

Yes this kind of food isn't good for you, but 5 out of the 7 days of the week I'm eating tuna from a can and salad from a bag, so for now, or at least until I can learn to make something warm, this is my undomesticated secret solution. This is my Dinner Drawer. 

Upcoming on the UD: I'll be doing a series called The Kitchen Diaries. The Kitchen Diaries will force me to cook/make/bake something edible each week. All recipes will be posted on the blog, and obviously an update if it causes any illness... or death. If you have any recipes you'd like me to try, you can email me.

The best things my oven mit has picked up are below: (I only bought one oven mit - who knew you'd need a pair?)

The $15 Big Box from Pizza Hut. It says it feeds 3 people... but that's more of a challenge than an estimate.

A pair of pointy toe stilettos. Okay that was a joke, but still... it's true.

PS. What do you use your drawers for?

ttfn, Elizabeth

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