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Sunday, July 21, 2013

How To Make A Super Summer Coke Float

On these super hot summer days you really want to treat yourself to something deliciously refreshing. I'm on a diet (yeah I know - when am I not?) and I was feeling the heat after rearranging my apartment. I felt like adding a modern twist to a retro favourite - The Coke Float, so I created the Super Summer Coke Float.

It requires 4 things:
1. A slammin' summer outfit. 
2. Frozen Low Fat Cool Whip
3. Coke Zero
4. A super awesome cup... duh.

1. Slammin' Summer Outfit - Check

2. FROZEN 95% Fat Free Cool Whip - Check

3. Coke Zero - Check

4. A super awesome cup - Check

Tada - Super Summer Coke Float! 


ttfn, Elizabeth
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  1. Love your low-fat treat! Got any more?

    1. I have some tips & tricks to lower calorie intake, but haven't pulled it all together yet! My 'Kitchen Diaries' will be released sometime this year where I learn to make a new 'something' every week :)


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