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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Single's Valentines Day

For many of us, Valentine’s Day is NOT a day of candlelit baths and rose petal entrances… 

It’s a day, nope, a week, where we (single people) roam the aisles of our grocery stores, eyeing up the heart shape chocolates waiting for OUR day. 

The Valentines Day for singles – February 15th

All those chocolates that were bought for loved ones on Valentine's Day are now at least 50% off. It’s like the time we realized that although we couldn't go trick-or treating anymore, we COULD purchase a bag of our favourite candy. No costume, no walking door-to-door, no effort

The same can be said for Single’s Valentines Day. No love (except from our multitude of cats), no expensive gift-giving, and no dulled down love-making. As single people, we are resourceful, we know the shortest route to get to our destination. 
Not getting laid? Get drunk. 
Not getting love? Get another cat. 
Not getting chocolate on Valentines Day? Get it 50% off on our day.

How have I celebrated Valentines Day for 23 years? Friends/cats, discount chocolate, cheap wine, and horror movies. 
Fellas – Single Valentines Day is for you too. Good luck going on a date on February 14th without the added 'pressure'. But on the 15th, single ladies are numbed by too many discount chocolates, and getting drunker and drunker by the glass, we will take what we can get - no pressure.

So if I must say it, I will (this line is credited to an ex-something), celebrate Single Valentines Day with me and all the singles out there!

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