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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside SNL Parody Lyrics by Jimmy Fallon and Cecily Strong

The Baby It's Cold Outside Parody by Jimmy Fallon and Cecily Strong really struck a cord with modern dating. It tackles the push and pull between lust and love, and what happens after you decide it is too cold to go home that night. This song gives us singletons a reassuring feeling that we are all 'nervous' when it comes opening your heart... 

I listened carefully and wrote the lyrics below! Enjoy. 

Baby It's Cold Outside Parody

By: Jimmy Fallon and Cecily Strong

I really can’t stay

But baby it’s cold outside 
I’ve got to go away
But baby it’s cold outside 
This evening has been 
Been hoping that you’d drop in 
So very nice 

I’ll hold your hands their just like ice 

My mother will start to worry 
Beautiful what’s your hurry? 
My father will be pacing the floor 
Listen to the fire place roar 
I really can’t stay 
Baby don’t go out 
Oh but it’s cold outside 

Twelve Minutes Later...

So should I call you a cab? 

But baby it’s cold outside 
You know it’s really not bad 
You said it was cold outside 
You can still catch the bus 
I’ll make breakfast for us... 
It’s a few blocks away 
Tomorrow we’ll hang out all day

I have an early thing tomorrow 
Got a toothbrush I can borrow? 
I have a meeting at my work 
At last a guy who isn’t a jerk 
You really can’t stay 
It’s starting to storm out 
But baby it’s warm outside 

Are we still on for next weekend? 

I have no idea what you’re talking about 
You said you take me antique-ing 
I have no idea what you’re talking about 
You said it when you 
Bought me those drinks 
Baby I said a lot of things 

Do you really think I could act 

Can’t believe I said that 
You know this isn’t my coat 
Can you take the trash when you go? 
We should stay up late 
She’s not getting it 
But baby it’s warm/cold outside 


Hey man you want to hang out? 
Oh Of course the important meeting 
What are you talking about? 
The meeting got pushed even earlier? 
Oh are you with a girl? 
Yes that’s correct 
Then I’ll leave you alone 
Okay boss I’ll see you in the morn 

Do you mind if I sleep in this? 

This is getting too serious… 
You know I’m just as nervous as you… But who knows what this could turn into 
I don’t know what to do 
Here’s a clue 
Baby it’s cold outside.

Watch it now:

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  1. Thanks for this writeup! Three minor corrections:

    1) "12 minutes later..." should be "Twelve Minutes Later"
    2) "It's just a few blocks" should be "It's a few blocks away"
    3) "I'll see you in the morning" should be "I'll see you in the morn"

    1. Thanks for the corrections. I will be sure to add them in!

      Elizabeth | www.theundomesticated.com