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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Beacon or Being - The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby SPOILER ALERT

I had to re-read Gatsby before the movie came out. The best part of reading a book is using your imagination to visualize the world the author describes. When the movie comes out, the fun is gone.
I wanted one last hurrah with the incredible, the amazing, the GREAT Gatsby.

He died. I didn't remember that from highschool, but from the moment he was rejected by Daisy, I wondered what the point of his life was.  He built a life, not for himself, but for the person he loved. He protected her and eventually died for her. If he didn't have her, his motivation for life was gone. 

Many of us, I hope, can let our goals evolve. I like Nick's description of Jordan in the book; "She was too wise to ever carry well-forgotten dream from age to age." Is that wisdom? Is it wise to leave dreams behind? I think your dreams should evolve in age, and love will always be at the heart of them all. Placing your dream on one thing, or one person, like Nick describes of Gatsby, puts the dream in a realm beyond it's being; getting closer and closer to the beacons that represent it, but will you ever recognize the difference between the beacon and the being? And furthermore, would you want to?

Gatsby had the big house, the lavish lifestyle, the money,  and the green light over the water. Everything that represented Daisy, Gastby possessed, except her. Her physical being had even transformed into yet another beacon in the quest to win her heart.  It was as if he didn't want the dream to end, because if the dream ended, so did his life. It got me to wondering, when you place your entire happiness in dreams, will you recognize when your dreams come true?

SIDE NOTE: It's as if you spend your whole life in love with the book The Great Gatsby and you dream about a movie being made. Enter the year 2013, and the Great Gatsby movie is released. You bought the soundtrack, researched the cast, watched the interviews; you have all the beacons that represent the movie, except the movie itself. Are you ready to finish your dream? 

ttfn, Elizabeth
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  1. Loved the movie. I think the actors did a great job.